Feeling Decision Paralysis? Can't Reach Common Ground? How to Think Like a Lawyer and WhyWatch now (38 sec) | It's been a year since my latest book released! (Have you read it?)
New Year, New Firm: Kim Wehle joins Levy Firestone MuseWatch now (2 min) | Plus . . . the Supreme Court is set to hear two cases against the Student Loan Forgiveness Plan in Feb. 2023
Following the Supreme Court's oral argument in an important civil rights case, President Biden signed a landmark bill with (limited) protections for…
Supreme Court debrief: Can state legislators dictate federal elections?Watch now (8 min) | The Supreme Court heard a high-stakes case this week on federal elections
What is the point of appointing a special counsel to investigate Trump?Attorney General Merrick Garland tapped special counsel Jack Smith to oversee two ongoing Trump investigations that DOJ could have continued handling…
Gun Violence at University of Virginia Ends in Tragic Death for Three StudentsWatch now (33 min) | Listen to my conversation with Founder of Project Unloaded, an org seeking to change the gun narrative
The Supreme Court is poised to make it unconstitutional for schools to consider race as part of an applicant's admissions fileWatch now (6 min) | Affirmative action and diversity are treated as politically-charged buzzwords . . . but what do they really mean under the law?
Does voting really matter? Ask your questions related to midterm elections and I'll post answers this Friday!Does voting really matter? Instead of a virtual discussion before the (nail-biter) midterms tomorrow, please send me any questions related to th…
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