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I’m Kim Wehle (pronounced “Whale-ee”), I hold the titles of author, lawyer, law professor, legal expert and mom (to my children and two dogs). I’ve had the pleasure of being a guest on MSNBC, CNN, BBC, and NPR, FoxNews, and C-SPAN. I’ve contributed words and ideas to Politico, The Atlantic, The Bulwark, and The Hill. I was a former Assistant United States Attorney, Associate Independent Counsel in the Whitewater Investigation. I’ve had the privilege of authoring three books with HarperCollins in my legal expert series — How to Think Like a Lawyer — and Why: A Common-Sense Guide to Everyday Dilemmas, How to Read The Constitution—and Why and What You Need to Know About Voting—and Why.

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I decided to start this substack, Simple Politics with Kim Wehle, because in this ultra-polarized climate, because there is an immediate need for human connection. We need to cultivate spaces where we talk about how we express our opinions and break down problems. We know in our everyday lives, hard decisions are nuanced. This is a space to reject black and white thinking and embrace the grey area in-between.

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Kim Wehle
Prof of Law. Mom. Author. Fmr Asst US Attorney. TV Analyst. Writer @politico, @theatlantic, @bulwarkonline & @thehill. Fmr @cbsnews.