Gun Violence at University of Virginia Ends in Tragic Death for Three Students

Listen to my conversation with Founder of Project Unloaded, an org seeking to change the gun narrative


Once again the conversation of how to address gun violence in America is unfolding, after a deadly shooting at the University of Virginia.

On Nov. 13th, late Sunday night, The University of Virginia police sent an alert, “ACTIVE ATTACKER . . . RUN HIDE FIGHT.” Students barricaded themselves in libraries and dorm rooms for 12 hours. Ultimately, three students were killed and two others were wounded. Police arrested the gunman.

Devin Chandler, Lavel Davis Jr. and D’Sean Perry are the names of the three students and football players tragically murdered on campus.

President Joe Biden and the first lady issued a statement Monday afternoon mourning the deaths as well as taking the moment to make the connection between gun laws and the deadly shooting.

Beyond gun laws or voting advocacy, there is a call for a new narrative: owning guns make us less safe. The data shows it.

Project Unloaded is a nonprofit founded to share accurate facts about gun ownership so that the TikTok generation is better informed about this matter of life and death.

Many of our youth have experienced gun violence. And many have friends or know other kids who died by suicide. Sadly, we have allowed gun violence to become their problem. At the very least, they deserve good information as they face how to address it in their own lives.

Listen to my conversation with founder Nina Vinik, as we discuss the leading cause of death among children and youths: guns.

Among the questions we discuss is whether there’s a place for a larger conversation and campaign around gun violence that echoes the highly effective anti-tobacco public education campaigns. I don’t know about you, but things have changed since I was in high school. Smoking isn't cool anymore. Can guns share the same fate if we change the narrative?

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