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3 biggest takeaways from day 7 of the Jan. 6th committee hearings

Watch the video to hear my three biggest takeaways from yesterday’s Jan. 6th committee hearing

1. What’s the new factual takeaway? This has to do with a domestic terrorist organization (as declared by the FBI) the #OathKeepers

2. Why does it matter?

3. #VOTE

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Listen to my short interview below with NPR for what you need to know after yesterday’s hearing: What we learned from the Jan 6. committee hearing on extremism


“And every American has to decide - right? - like, does this matter? You know, Abraham Lincoln warned - a hundred and sixty years, January 1861 - about the concern that others might, quote, "seek to turn a free people back into the hateful paths of despotism." And he said, quote, "we must study and understand the points of danger." And, you know, it gives me chills thinking about Lincoln sort of looking at these hearings and saying, you know, my fellow Americans, this is our moment. This is the moment to come back and save this beautiful republic.” — Kim Wehle

Full NPR Interview Here

Jan. 6 committee says extremist groups responded to Trump’s calls for a rally in DC

Click below to watch my ABC interview about the new evidence from Tuesday's Jan. 6 hearing showing former President Donald Trump and his inner circle plotting to have supporters march to the Capitol.

Full Interview Here

We Were Warned

Rep. Raskin reminds us in his closing statement that the Founding Fathers warned us about Donald Trump.

"They actually warned everyone about Donald Trump. Not by name, of course, but in the course of advising about the certain prospect that ambitious politicians would try to mobilize violent mobs to tear down our own institutions in service of their insatiable ambitions."

7th hearing’s topic of the 'efforts to assemble' pro-Trump mob

Pat Cipollone, former Trump White House lawyer, complied with the Committee’s subpoena and testified before the Committee on July 8th. His testimony lasted for eight hours and happened behind closed doors. 

The Committee focused on FOUR things with Cipollone

  1. Trump’s efforts to subvert the election

  2. A scheme to submit fake electoral ballots

  3. The attempted replacement of DOJ leadership and

  4. Attempts to directly interfere with Congress’ certification on January 6th

The Committee’s spokesperson, Tim Mulvey, said that the Committee received a lot of critical testimony for its investigation. Cipollone corroborated important facts of previous testimony, including the controversial testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson. Also, his testimony supposedly presented information for upcoming hearings.

Steve Bannon, former Trump campaign manager and White House advisor, recently came to the Committee to offer his testimony in a public hearing. Trump “cleared” Bannon to testify by waiving Executive Privilege.

Bannon’s name in the news should sound familiar, as he is currently facing criminal charges for refusing to comply with the Committee’s earlier subpoena. He is set to still proceed with his criminal trial, and the Committee does not think his “change of heart” will have any affect on his case.

What can we expect next?

The next #January6Committee will show how Trump did nothing to stop the carnage. Witness Stephen Ayers testified July 12th that he went to 1/6 and left once Trump told people to - hours after the violence raged.

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